Role of Thailand’s Fisheries on Aquafeed

june 16

Objective of the role is to ensure that the feed milling companies comply with feed quality control of THAI ACT (Animal Feed QC 1982 and additional 1999) and international standards.

The same general principles of “Food Safety” have been applied to “Feed Safety” into Thai commercial feed milling companies. Department of Fisheries, Thailand, (DOF) has been taking charge of the law and regulations (only Aquafeed) since 1992. By this role, feed manufacturers must register and get the licenses.

At present, DOF control 8 Aquafeed:
1. Catfish
2. Freshwater fish (Herbivorous)
3. Freshwater prawn
4. Marine shrimp
5. Marine fish (Carnivorous)
6. Freshwater fish (Carnivorous)
7. Soft shell turtle
8. Frog

DOF inspect and issue the certificates as follow:
– Certificate of Free Sale
– Certificate Formula
– Certificate of Analysis
– Certificate of Origin
– Certificate of Health
– Certificate of Feed milling / GMP / HACCP

Regular checks and monitoring as follow:
– Proximates (protein, fat, fiber, moisture)
– Salmonella spp.
– Aflatoxins
– Antibiotics

Screening Test for Antibiotics use test kits for detection of 8 drugs (colorimetric assay):
– 5 of Nitrofurans group (Nitrofurazone, Furazolidone, Furaltadone, Nitrovin, Nitrofurantoin )
– Oxytetracycline, Chlortetracycline,
– Chloramphenicol
However, confirmation method is needed for the positive result. (HPLC, LC-MS-MS)

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