Soil test for aquaculture

june 05

Simple soil leakage test
1. Dig a hole as deep as your waist
2. Early in the morning, fill it with water to the top
3. By the evening, some of the water will have sunk into the soil
4. Fill the hole with water to the top again, and cover it with boards or leafy branches
5. If most of the water is still in the hole the next morning, the soil permeability is suitable to build a fish-pond here
6. Repeat this test in several other locations as many times as necessary, according to the soil quality

Simple field tests for soil texture: throw-the-ball test
1. Take a handful of moist soil and squeeze it into a ball (A)
2. Throw the ball into the air (B) about 50 cm and then catch it.
3. If the ball falls apart (C), it is poor soil with too much sand;
4. If the ball sticks together (D), it is probably good soil with enough clay in it

Simple lab tests for soil texture: the bottle test
1. Put 5 cm of soil in a bottle and fill it with water (A);
2. Mix water and soil well, and then let soil to settle in the bottle for an hour.
3. At the end of an hour, the water becomes clear and soil settles at the bottom of the bottle in layers: clay at top, silt in the middle and sand at the bottom
4. If the water is still not clear, it is because some of the finest clay is still suspended in the water
5. on the surface of the water there may be bits of organic matter floating;
6. Measure the depth of the sand, silt and clay and estimate the approximate proportion of each (C).

Recapped from C.K.Lin


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