Hormone Residues after Application on Sex-Reversed Tilapia

june 06

Sex reversal hormone to produce all male of Tilapia by incorporated into diet for a certain times

Hormone contamination in fish meat

80% hormone are deteriorated by metabolism and excretory system
Hormones are changed in structure and can be dissolved in the water
90% of hormone will be excreted in 24 hours
Hormone still remains in fish meat less than 1% for 3 weeks after stopping hormone treatment
All hormone are excreted out before reach at the market sizes

Hormone contamination in soil

MT increased 1.6 ug in 60 days and then reduced into normal
MT in soil increases 16 ug during 30 days and reduced to 1.2 – 3.2 ug during experiment period
Although sex revered has finished 3 months, but MT are found in soil
MT contaminated have effected to sex reversal ratio, and intersexes rate increased
MT accumulated at the bottom of ponds
The nests building heavier of Tilapia make MT circulate in the water and soil
MT might leak and flow into outside environment when having water exchange and slush draining
MT may effect on other aquatic animals
MT may effect on Human health in long term

Hormone sediment in soil
Research conducted in non-ponds sex reversal of Tilapia
MT are found in the soil when treat with hormone at 17 days
High contamination are found under the cages which are treated with hormone feed
Sex reversal rate of three crops were increased as follows:
Crop 1 87.4%
Crop 2 92.6%
Crop 3 98.7%

Recapped from N.Siputtinipon


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