Introduction to Aquaculture Industrialization: China-ASEAN Countries

China and ASEAN member countries have long history of aquaculture practices. The industrialization of aquaculture has been gain high attention of the government authorities; more and more concern on the responsible and sustainable aquaculture development has been raised. With the concern of food safety and quality, the legislation and guidance on the aquaculture industry development need to pay attention. Presently, along with the fast development of aquaculture technology, there are challenges between the increasing demand of modern technology in aquaculture as well as aquaculture industrialization and the trend of sustainable development.

Aquaculture industrialization is driven by market economy, through different organization forms, i.e. company lead, association lead, or market lead farmers groups, with increasing demand of domestic and international markets, each parts of the industry-chain, such as seed, feed, production, machinery, processing, marketing, were integrated and run with high efficiency for the develop of benefits to the people and provide support to the whole production and industry chain, some of them have specified development for the aquaculture, either improved the efficiency in pre-production, in-production and post-harvest management.

To enhance the cooperation and to strengthen the exchange and collaboration between China and ASEAN member countries, under the memorandum of agreement on the framework of China-ASEAN agricultural cooperation, Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of Chinese Academy of Fisheries Science (FFRC/CAFS) conducted a Seminar on Aquaculture Development and Industrialization sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture, People’s Republic of China.

Wuxi ways

Dear Circle of 12,

Seeking knowledge as far as to China. This wisdom phrase feel appropriate for my field: aquaculture. Aquaculture suggested began in China to more 2.000 years ago. And recently, aquaculture in China accepted as an example on success story in aquaculture.

I give opportunity to joint a training workshop titled seminar on aquaculture development and industrialization. Three weeks forward, I’m going to attend the seminar conducted in Wuxi.

I hope the training would increase my capabilities and extent my insight about aquaculture. At least, it’s would be augment my friends from other country. And, I would like to post everything from that training on my blog.

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