thai shoot

long trip in thai

hallo, anybody! this’s our car

hallo, anybody! this’s our car (2)

tor sorro in erawan waterfall

its not a habit but hobby and my job…….!

once upon time in Kanchanaburi War Cemetry

thai capture

dedicated to MYINT THEINGI SOE, thank a lot to your best capture

between two myanmar; you’re seen very beatifull and I’ll always miss you!

between two bhutan; I’ll always miss you, my brothers

between two sri lanka; massage center, only 200 bath, sir!

between two cambodia; helpfull and good job, friend!

between three thailand; thanks for your hospitality!

between philiphina and nepal; mama, see you next time!

between two vietnam and bangladesh; baba, why you always thinking? kiss me? no, kg……..!

from madagascar to mongolia: apologize, I lost my picture with you

between two organizer; thanks for your kinds, I just think to make this course more digestable……

come to father, turtle! thanks to my brother for best shot

thai spot

long trip in thai

please, buy my fish

anybody like this……..?

smoke??? paid 2000 bath

multifunction car for fish transportation

its practical work not difficult but complicated, so we’re tired

Peserta Photo Blog Competition 2008