Aquaculture Industrialization in China

Industrialization is the process of achieving the scale and the contributions to national economy of the social recognition through promoting industry. That is to say, not only the product factors of labor, capital, land, technology, information, management and others are growing up to scale recognized generally, but also the products and services for human. Aquaculture industrialization is market?oriented, economic efficiency centralized, and focus on dominant culture species, optimization of production factors to regional distribution, professional production, the scale of construction, serial processing, social services, enterprise management, a chain of farming, processing, marketing, a system of technology, education, aquaculture, operating, aquaculture step into a sound track of self?development, self?accumulation, self?discipline, and self?regulating.
China fishery comes into been comprehensive industry including aquaculture, capture, sea food processing, transportation and leisure fisheries. China fishery management system comes into been integrity system including fishery administration, scientific research, education, technology extension, market system, sustainable development and fishery law enforcement.

In China, aquaculture industry development is often understood as?1) regional distribution of aquaculture industry, 2) professional production of aquaculture industry, 3) integrated management of aquaculture, social service and enterprise management becomes more and more mature and professional. There are “four stages“(or “four types”) evolution rules in China aquaculture industrialization development and every step have its own features, including: 1st: “enterprises + aquaculture household”, 2nd: “enterprises+ inter- mediate agency+ aquaculture household”, 3rd: “enterprises+ inter-mediate agencies cooperation+ aquaculture household”, and 4th: “association +enterprises+ inter-mediate agencies cooperation+ aquaculture household”. At some places there was aquaculture organizational model with “Government + Company + Financial Institutions (trust, insurance, banking, security) + cooperative+ farmers”, which improves the social services of China’s aquaculture production.

Key domains of Chinese aquaculture industrialization, comprises: 1) cultivation of excellent aquatic varieties, 2) key technology of healthy culture, 3) improvement facility fishery, 4) intensive processing and deep processing of aquatic products, 5) sustainable utilization of fishery resources and environment, and 6) guarantee technology and system construction of food quality and security.

In the inland open water fisheries, Chinese industrialization exploitation techniques including: 1) proliferation stocking and culture techniques, 2) management techniques, and 3) processing techniques.

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