fish died: why?ikan mati: kenapa?

We should to know why our fish died. There’re several reason that caused fish died: handling, environment or pathogenic organism.

Handling; Improperly on harvesting, packaging, transporting or acclimatizing could to cause fish health disrupted or even died. Usually on early time of fish stocking in new pond (e.g 1-2 weeks after stocking).  As a solution, we should to paid better attention on handling or, if have been happened, we should to maintain of better water quality (e.g adjustment of proper temperature and salting).

Environment; Unfavorable pond management lead to worse water quality, e.g uncontrolled feeding without proper water exchange. The easiest way is new water flow through.

Pathogenic organism (disease); It’s important to go to laboratory for identification: fungal, parasitic, bacterial or viral. But simply, in my experience in tropical aquaculture, water warming and salting is a better way to maintain fish health state, before we get correct identification from laboratory. Just remember, correct medication depend on disease maker.

2 thoughts on “fish died: why?ikan mati: kenapa?

  1. Dear Brother,

    I am very much happy for your concerned about the problem arise in my country. I had done the study along with the extension officer of that area and found that cause of fish died was due to amonia acide, i advised the farmer to exchange the water immediately, just i received the information it works well and the fish died stop i am happy.while doing detail study i found the farmer had dump a bag of nut in jute bag which decayed and giving bad smail.
    I am very happy for your immidate responce for my conceerned,if any problem arise i will immidately inform in your blog.

    Yours brother,

    Gangaram Kharel

  2. Dear Brother,
    I am very happy that you had provided this blog for the fishery programmer to go through and fixed the certain problem arise in the field of fishery, daily once i used to visit your blog i had learned many things you had provided in your blog, espically the disease parts, I am very much interesting to learn more about the fish diseases which i get only from your blog.

    thank you brother for your kind support.

    Gangaram Kharel

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