Tilapia in Thailand

june 13

Genetic improvement on Tilapia in Thailand has been carried out and produced at least 5 strains, i.e.:
1. Thai-Chitrada 1
This species are from genetic improvement which grow faster than the original species
2. Thai-Chitrada 2
This species are from genetic modification which will produce only male
3. Chitrada 3 “GIFT” Strain (Genetically Improve Farm Tilapia)
Come from selected 25 group for base population using combined selection
4. Red Tilapian
Hybrid between Tilapia mossambica and Nile Tilapia, can spawn in freshwater, brackish and sea water
5. Tap Tim Tilapia
Improved species was developed /produced by CP Company

Dominance of each species, including:
Shape: Jirada1 has similar to normal tilapia, Jirada2 has small head and long body, and Jirada3 has Small head, thick and wide body
Production: Jirada1 higher than normal tilapia 22%, Jirada2 Higher than normal tilapia 45%, and Jirada3 higher than normal tilapia 40%
Survival rate: Jirada1 Higher than normal tilapia 10%, Jirada2 higher than normal tilapia 35%, and Jirada3 higher than normal tilapia 24%.

Recapped from N.Siputtinipon


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