forgive me, please!

july 06

this is no corespond to my religion or traditional, even all my activity have to implemented base on my religion. I know, if there’re any mistake, will be back to myself and my responsibility. however, if I wrong, remember me or keep in silence, please!

these’re my personally principles: avoid to drink anything contain alcohol, have not to play dice and prohibit to any sexual act outside of marriage!

for several situation or many reason, it’s great opportunity to do that! I have my heart only to defense from all threat. I should to declare these principles to my community and any risk that might be happen if I mistake. It’s just to enforcement myself! If sometime hear my unsuccessfull or down in work carrier or family corelation, it’s sure due to violate in my rules.

However, I hope there’s no place for unsuccessfull even I mistake! many limitations in my soul. it’s might be a huge either my forget or unknown, but no place for reason only. corelation to these, to my community and family, especially to my daughter, forgive me please!


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