Feed Formulation

june 17

Process is to select the ingredients and levels. Aim to combine to create a mixture that is:
– pelletable
– palatable
– nutritious
– inexpensive
– easy to store / ship / use

Calculation methods
Simultaneous Equations
– to solve simple feed formulations once ingredients have been chosen

Linear programming (least-cost feed)
– to solve complicated feed formulations
– computer must have access to data on (nutrient content of each ingredient / price / levels allowed etc.)

Excel / Spread-sheet
– DIY (Do It Yourself)

Simultaneous Equations
– Plan the nutrient levels desired in the feed
– Choose ingredients and to list the protein and DE
– List the ingredients which will be used at fixed levels and calculate the contribution of each one to the total desired levels of protein and DE
– Calculate the formula by using SE

recapped from P.Kosutharak


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