Water Recycle and Water Treatment System

june 09

The subject of waste management in aquaculture, and particularly the issue of effluent, has become an important issue in pond aquaculture. Regulating aquaculture waste correlated to maximun allowable consentrations or loads of potential pollutants in effluent. Therefore, methods to reduce the pollution potential are essential both to protect natural water and water supplies of the aquaculture. Water recycle and water treatment system are subjects corresponding to manage of effluent from aquaculture. Several reason assosiate to water recycle and treatment, including: availability of water supply, either quality and quantity, water quality control, reduce production cost to use of water source continously, reduce environmental impact, an effort to energy conservation and global warming.
Improving of water quality could be conducted using physical and biological treatment/filter or combined filter. Appropiate method to be selected base on nutrient loading from the effluent. Whereas, succesfull of water recycle/treatment depend on water volume, waste production and treatment process in system.
Many scheme for improving effluents from pond have been advanced, including: hydroponic, irrigation, culture medium for other aquatic animal, wetland, setling basin, nutrient absorbing using floating macophytes, fluidized-bed filter, and others.

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