Water and Soil in Fish Pond

June 04

Aquatic animals grow faster, utilize feed more efficiently, and are more tolerance to diseases in water with good quality. Function and role of water in aquaculture, involve:
– providing living space for aquatic species
– medium for gas exchange
– source of nutrient
– receiving and neutralizing of waste
– react with chemical and drug
– affect on quality of aquaculture product
– affect on culture species.
Certain amount of fish can grow in pond without feeding, but in order to get higher production, feeding is needed. Production of fish will increase along with stocking rates and feed input to certain level before water quality become limiting factor.
Many factor could be affected water quality, e.g.:
– property of pond soil
– property of supplying water
– culture system and pond management
– density of aquatic animal
– fertilization
– feeding
– use of chemical and drug.

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