Advanced Freshwater Aquaculture

dear Community,

I follow an international training course titled Advanced Freshwater Aquaculture, supported by Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA)and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The course carried out in Inland Aquaculture Research Instituion, Ayuthaya, Thailand at June 01 – July 19, 2008.

During the course, all respons to ‘comment’ or email might be delayed depend on internet connection availability in course location. All personal contact should be addressed to my email or My mobile phone might be not active or limited service.

I acknowlegdment to Indonesian goverment that nominated me and Thailand government and TICA award opportunity to follow the course .


1 thought on “Advanced Freshwater Aquaculture

  1. Maaf pak.
    Informasi kelulusan calon peserta Course tersebut sudah final? Soalnya saya, Ikhsan Khasani, dari Pusat Riset Budidaya juga kirim apply, but belum ada info lanjut. mOhon kalau ada beritanya ya, bisa dikabari siapa saja yang lolos. Thanks

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