pemijahan ikanfish breeding term

it’s might be debatable, but I prefer to use fish breeding term, as follow:

Naturally spawning; refer to fish spawning induced environmental cues only, like temperature and photoperiod, either as fish behaviour in breeding season naturally or as human purpose with brooder selection. Most of traditional fisherfolk using this technique for freshwater aquaculture production and common example is tilapia breeding. Larva production usually unpredictable except using more brooder and experience fisherfolk.

Induced spawning; refer to fish breeding naturally but induced by hormonal injection. Semi-intensive system usually using this technique, e.g common carp production or ornamental fish breeding. Fertilization happen in water and brooder spread the egg in a spawning media, like “kakaban” (spawning media made from coconut fiber nipped by bamboos). Due to uncontrolled egg spread, egg quantity and fertilizing/hatching rate difficult to measure.

Artificially breeding; refer to using hormone injection to induced final maturity and contolling fertilization process. Brooder injected by a hormone dosage in a range latency time. Both sperm and egg mixed artificially to fertilization process and fertilized egg spread in a hatching incubator. Egg quantity and fertilizing/hatching rate could be measure acccurately. Usually, research purpose and intensive aquaculture production, e.g catfish breeding, use this technique.

These term used to differ several breeding techniques available in aquaculture production and could be used in all posting in my blog. If you have others argument about these term, please comment in bellow provide space.

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