Indonesian Giant Gourami

Ikan gurame, Osphronemus goramy merupakan ikan asli perairan barat Indonesia dan hanya ditemukan di Pulau Jawa, Sumatera dan Kalimantan. Sejak lama, ikan ini sudah dibudidayakan secara tradisional dan merupakan ikan yang paling mahal diantara ikan-ikan air tawar.
Indonesian Giant Goramy, Osphronemus goramy, is an indigenous species in western Indonesian freshwater found only in Java, Sumatra and Borneo Islands.  The fish has been traditionally cultivating for a long time and it’s most expensive among the Indonesian freshwater fish.  There wasn’t yet any report or scientific publication on reproductive physiology aspect of the fish.  Recently, as a part of ongoing efforts to increase productivity, research on artificial breeding and other reproductive aspects have been developed.

Two main problems on artificial breeding are the difficulties on obtaining both male and female gametes synchronously and only a few sperms can be released by male.  On the other hand, there was a report on genus Osphronemus which comprises three species: Osphronemus goramy Lacepede, 1801, O. laticlavius and O. septemfasciatus (Roberts, 1992).  Two latter species apparently occur only in Borneo as wild type.  Genetically, interspecies cross-breeding can be conducted to obtain better hybrid vigor.

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